Presentation of Results

For users who choose not to use the utility tariff option, the HES result pages presents estimates of the house’s annual energy consumption by end-use. Those users who select a utility tariff are provided with one or two additional results pages. Tariff analysis has added the capability to calculate energy use and peak demand by end-use within each month, and by Time-of-Use (TOU) period (for tariffs with TOU periods). As shown in Figure 6, when the user views the main results page (showing annual energy use by end-use), they are offered up to two additional choices from the blue buttons on the right side of the page. One button opens a page displaying their estimated monthly bills by end-use; the second links to a display of monthly bills by TOU period. The button linking to the monthly bills by TOU period is only present for those tariffs that contain TOU periods. These pages are small pop-up windows that display in front of the main results window. The user can close the pop-up window to return to the main results page.