HES Pro API v2.0

This section documents the methods and elements used in the re-architected single family API, currently in pre-release. The Single-Family API will be the basis for HES pro and consumer v. 2. HES pro is projected for release in FY 2015.

The main method flow will be:

1) create_building() - initializes the buiding and its minimal fixed properties

2 submit_inputs()   - describes the building in detail as well as occupancy, equipment, and usage parameters

3) calculate() - runs the energy use simulation, and the upgrade modeling. Will likely consist of more than one method, one for the base building, one for the upgrades.

4) retrieve() - returns data on existing buildings, there will likely be several methods allowing return of buildings by creator, location as well as aspects of a specific building e.g. the currently set inputs, current results, recommendations (TDB)