Non-HVAC hourly loads

For non-HVAC end-uses, we have pre-calculated a set of fixed (i.e. household independent) end-use load shapes. The monthly allocation factor (Table 32), distributes annual energy consumption across the calendar year. This monthly energy is transformed into two 24-hour profiles using the load factors in the “2-day-type” loadshapes (for each month, average weekday and average weekend), derived from the California Energy Commission forecasting model (Appendix D). These load shape data were developed by Primen Consulting, a subcontractor to ICF, under contract to CEC and have been processed to better integrate with our data processing system, based on the same underlying load data. These load shapes are not user-variable. Finally using the 2005 calendar year to specify the appropriate day type, an 8760-hour profile is created for each end use.

Table 32. Normalized Monthly Load Factors for CEC Load Schedules