Drying Energy

The energy consumed by the clothes dryer to produce heat necessary to dry the clothing is called the drying energy. The drying energy is calculated according to Equation 17.

DE = Loadsweekx Useload x 52          Equation 17


Loadsweek = number of loads per week,

Useload = drying energy consumption per load (kWh or therms)

52 = weeks per year

The Home Energy Saver models electric and gas clothes dryers. Electric clothes dryers use 3.8 kWh and gas clothes dryers use 0.22 therms per load (PG&E 1995) for drying energy alone. This energy consumption is in addition to the electricity required to operate the mechanical functions of clothes drying (air circulation, drum rotation, timers and sensors, etc.) Our calculation process does not distinguish between models that have moisture-sensor termination and those that do not.