Inputs Page

After entering a zip code, the users see the inputs page. From here it is possible to immediately do an energy use calculation,  or the user may use one of two sets of input questions to describe the home.  The input page defaults to the quick view which presents a set of inputs that cause the large variance in energy consumption. The quick view contains about 30 items on 3 separate input pages. User may also switch to the detailed input view in which they can adjust nearly all of the envelope, site and appliance characteristics that go into estimating energy consumption for their home. Not all inputs have to be answered in a single setting, and in both views all inputs not set by the user have default values. Users who have answered some of all of the questions in one input view may switch to the alternate view at any time, and have their existing responses mapped to the alternate view.

The Quick Inputs view

The Detailed Inputs view