Stove Energy Consumption

In the Home Energy Saver, users are allowed to select between electric and gas stoves. The following equations describe the method used to calculate energy consumption by stoves


EC = power x usageday x 365


EC = Annual energy consumption in kWh

power = energy consumption rate of stove (kW)

usageday = hours of use per day for all burners combined

365 = days per year

For electric ranges, the power consumed is assumed to be 1 kW for the purposes of this model (PG&E 1995).


EC = (burner_rate x usageday x365) + pilotLight


               EC = Annual energy consumption in therms

               burner_rate = energy consumption rate of all the burners combined (therms/hour)

               usageday = hours of use per day for all burners combined

               365 is days per year

               pilotLight = energy consumed by the pilot light (therms/year)

For gas ranges, the rate of energy use is assumed to be 0.09 therms/hour and pilot light consumption is 17 therms/year (PG&E 1995). The default usage is 1 hour per day for both electric and gas ranges.

Users are able to alter the inputs for stoves and ovens only in the detailed inputs model. The table below details the initial assumptions used for calculating stove energy.