Bill Calculation Scoring Tool

The Scoring Tool uses the same general method as the Home Energy Saver, but has an expanded resource list including wood heating

The basic calculation of energy bills is given in the following equation:

Annual Cost = Annual site energy * utility conversion[resource] * price[resource]

    Where resource is one of electricity ,natural gas ,fuel oil, or lpg

The site units and conversion factors are given in table 1.

Table 1. Site Cost Units and Utility Conversion Factors
Fuel Primary Units
Utility Units US
Conversion US
electric kWh kWh 1
demand watts kW 0.001
natural gas kBtu therms 0.01
lpg kBtu gallons 0.01092
fuel oil kBtu gallons 0.00722
cold water gallons gallons 1
hot water gallons gallons 1
carbon lbs co2 lbs co2 1
source kBtu mBtu 0.001
site generated electricity
cord wood
pellet wood

When a building is first created default energy prices are assigned based on the state in which their ZIP code is located. The defaults energy prices are presented in table 2 below. 

Table 2. Default Energy Prices Dollars per Utility Unit

Note to table 2