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Class Name: schedule

Description: The parent object for a set of schedule_week objects that define an operation schedule. This can be for set point temperatures, equipment operation, or shading fractions.

Parent Class: building

Number of Instances: 0...N


Name Description Required Type Len
Options Min Max
 name Name of the schedule  Y  string 16
 type Type of schedule Y string 20  temp, fraction, on_off, library

 library_name Name of schedule in library N string 16   

 Default Libraries

Name Description Type Details
MF-SHADE-0001 MF 0.7 Shading fraction Default window shading
MF-LIGHT-0001 MF HALL lighting fraction Always on
MF-LIGHT-0002 MF UNIT Lighting fraction Default lighting for Unit
MF-LIGHT-0003MF COND Lightingfraction Default lighting for Conditioned 
MF-LIGHT-0004MF UNCND LightingfractionDefault lighting for Unconditioned
MF-TSTAT-0001 MF fixed 76 cooling thermostat temp Cooling set to 76F all days
MF-TSTAT-0002 MF fixed 68 heating thermostat temp Heating set to 68 all days


1. All schedule names must have a matching schedule of the correct type
2. Validation for is as follows - length 16, allowed chars: [a-z],[A-Z],[0-9],-,_
3. Duplicate schedule names are not allowed
4. library_name required if type = "library"