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Opaque Construction

Class Name: opaque_construction

Description: contains attributes for parts of the building that don't pass light such as walls, roof, doors.

Parent Class: building

Number of Instances: 1...N


Name Description Required Type Len
Options Min Max
name  Name of construction  Y  string  40      
construction_method construction method to use (code=send code for entire assembly, layers=specify layers)  Y  string  20 layers    
absorptance Absorptance of exterior surface  Y  float      0  1
roughness Roughness of exterior surface  Y  int      1  6

1. Currently only implementing "layers" construction method, so "code" is not currently applicable for multi-family, however, opaque_construction.assembly_code must be of correct assembly type for construction; zone_wall, zone_roof, zone_ceiling, zone_floor