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Zone Wall

Class Name: zone_wall

Description: description of the characteristics of the walls of a zone.

Parent Class: zone

Number of Instances: 0...N


name Name of this wall
 N string 40   
sideSide or zone this wall faces

 string 20 front, back, right, left, unit, hall, other_cond, other_uncond, ground  
opaque_constructionname of the opaque construction object Y string 1WALL1,WALL2,...WALL8

Width of wall (feet)
 Y int   12000

1. opaque_construction.assembly_code must be of correct assembly type for construction

The type of roof is determined by the construction name not by the type attribute:
side = front, back, right, left; opaque_construction = WALL1-WALL4
side = front, back, right, left; opaque_construction = WALL5, WALL6
side = hall, other_uncond, attic, crawlspace; opaque_construction = WALL7, WALL8