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Class Name: lighting

Description: characteristics of the buildling lighting system needed to calculate the lighting load for the space.

Parent Class: space

Number of Instances: 0...1


Name Description Required Type Len Options Min Max
lighting_method Lighting calculation method to use Y  string  20  power density, fixture    
lighting_power_density Lighting power density (w/sqft) N float   .0110 
schedule Lighting schedule (fraction of max) N string 16name of schedule object with type = fraction   


1. If lighting_method is set to power_density then you must submit lighting_power_density and schedule.
2. If lighting_method is set to fixture you must submit at least one fixture object.
3. schedule must match a schedule object of the same name as follows - length 16, allowed chars: [a-z],[A-Z],[0-9],-,_

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