Class Name: space

Description: a space is a portion of a building having similar thermal properties; in a multi-family building typically a floor, in a single family examples would be the living area, attic or basement.

Parent Class: building_configuration

Number of Instances: 1...N


name Name of the spaceN string 40   
typeType of space Y string 20 unit, hall, attic, plenum, outdoor, garage, other, basement, underground, crawlspace   
conditionedIs space conditioned? Y int 1 1=conditioned, 0= not conditioned 0 1
storyWhich floor or type of floor Y string  underground, first, middle, top, A4, B2  
infiltration_rateInfiltration rate (air changes per hour) Y float   0 30
floor_to_ceiling_heightFloor to ceiling height in feet  Y int   0100