DHW Water Heater

Class Name: dhw_water_heater

Description: general characteristics of the water heater

Parent Class: domestic_hot_water

Number of Instances: 1..N


Name Description Required Type Len
Options Min Max
name Name of the water heater N string 40
category Water heater category  Y string 20 separate, combined, unit
type Water heater type  Y string 20 storage, indirect, tankless_coil     
year Water heater year   N  int 20    1972 2011 
performance  Performance level ID to use for upgrades   Y string  20 standard_new, energy_star, high_efficiency, shipment_weighted, user, stock_average   
set_point_temp Water heater set point temperature   Y int       80 160
MultiplierNumber of WH units
 int  1 1000
fuel_primary Water heater fuel  Y string  20 electric, natural_gas, lpg, fuel_oil    
location Water heater location  Y string  20 basement, garage, outdoors, indoors     


Only use year if performance = shipment weighted