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Known Issues & Release Notes

The following are known issues/bugs for the HES Multi-Family project.  Remedies for all are being pursued. If you find an error that is not listed please report it to  Latest fixes are documented on the Release History page.

Known Issues - HES Multifamily

[note: under construction- table below is deprecated and will be removed pending team review]

 Date  ID  Status Description Solutions, workarounds
11/11/2013  5046 Sandbox  Resolved issue where MF API calculate() method faileds
11/11/2013  5047 Sandbox  Changes in the hvac_efficiency table to use central_furnace rather than forced_air_furnace caused hvac_equipment->calc_efficiency to fails for forced_air_furnace.
11/11/2013  5048 Sandbox  Changes to building->calc_energy() for scoring tool lead to MF running appliance->calc_energy() and returning null results
11/11/2013  5049 Sandbox  Change in MF XSD, added WALL9-WALL12
11/11/2013  5050 Sandbox  Issue where MF runs fail when lighting_method was set to power_density