Scoring Tool API

The Home Energy Scoring Tool API enables approved software developers to generate home energy scores as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to a home inspection or comprehensive energy assessment. The main Scoring Tool API documentation site is hosted by PNNL here. This page provides a brief overview of the API's key methods and the object model.

Scoring Tool API Object Model

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  • Web Service Definition Language online summary.


  • Description: Takes an address and creates a new building.
  • Description: Modifies a previously created building. This method takes a large array of inputs; and is described on its own page: Submit Inputs
  • Note that the array does not need to be complete until the calculation step, one can submit and modify multiple times.
  • Description: Submitted as either calculate_base_building() or calculate_package_building(), runs the energy calculation for the specified building. These methods take an optional "is_polling" parameter. When is_pollng = true the server provides an immediate response and can be polled using the calculate_base_building_poll or calculate_base_building_poll to determine when the calculation process is complete.
  • Description: Takes building_id and user_key as inputs, fixes the energy calculation results after which the building is locked for editing. Once results are committed the Home Energy Score Label can be generated. Note: there is no link as this method does not have a separate xsd.
  • Description: after the building has had the base and the package calculations run and results committed this method generates the Home Energy Score Label. The return is URL's to the label forms; either the complete form in pdf, or the individual pages as png's.
  • Description: Returns the current set of saved inputs for a building.
  • Description: Returns the results used in the Home Energy Score label.
  • Description: Returns the results used in the Home Energy Score label recommendations page.
  • Description: Returns a list of buildings with the specified assessor number