Scoring Tool Release History Old

The following is the history of changes and updates to the Home Energy Scoring Tool.  We do not release new versions of the scoring tool system, but rather make continual bug fixes and improvements which are pushed out to the production web site on a regular basis. Known issues that have not yet been addressed are documented on the Known Issues page.  Release history for the Home Energy Saver and Home Energy Saver Pro are documented here.

Date ID Description
 API issues: 5040 (Fixed validation of combination boiler-water heaters)
2013/12/20   Golive - Home Energy Scoring Tool v2014 (GUI and API)
  API issues:  5120 (n retrieve_label_results XSD package_score and cost_savings elements should be nillable), 5077 (DOE2 errors not getting returned by calculate_base_building)
  New functions/features: 4922 (watermark all non-official label forms), 
  Bug Fixes to Website GUI: 5094,
New functions/features: 5123 (make ST major version "2014"), 5068 (Implemented QAdb login)
  New functions/features: 5112 ( calc_package needs to clear building_upgrade_results and building_configs before runing) 
  Bug Fixes to Website GUI:  4873, 4910, 5023, 5037, 5054, 5055, 5060, 5067, 5073,5076, 5080, 5081, 5082, 5084, 5092, 5109, 5117,
API issues: 5019 (revision of BDL to accept multiple duct system inputs), 5078 (resolved issue where insulation upgrade costs did not account for already existing level), 5079 (resolved issue in which Roof R-27 caused calculation error)
New functions/features: 4912 (revised configuration to track major and minor ST release versions), 5116 (configuration option, "LBL only", 5113 (store user key for buildings in DB)
  Bug Fixes to Website GUI: 5051, 5052, 5058,
2013/11/18   API issues: 5022 (Improved error message from dhw_equipment_base calc_efficiency), 5036 (Implement wsdl caching in API calls, to improve performance), 5045 (fixed incorrect duct area calculation),
Internal Issues: 4922 (conditional watermark on labels based on assessment type), 5005 (Options or database optimization), 5034 (Update address validation code to new Maps API verson)
  Bug Fixes: 4929, 4890, 5026, 5029, 5033, 5042, 5043, 5057, 5061, 5062, 5063,
  (4706) updated auto-scaling function to use new AWS api.
  Bug fix: 4739
  Bug fix: 4717
  New Feature (4635): label data transfer service initiated
New Feature (4649): Added a link on user dashboard page "other report options"
New Feature (2515): now redirects to
Bug fixes: 4637, 4584, 4639, 4593
  Infrastructure: (3144, 4655) Created new dev. version of scoring tool site, instituting PyroCMS and setup users. (4650) Setup tool to create 'migration' changes to automate update or rollback of sql tables.
  Bug Fixes: 3180, 4572, 4596, 4613, 4581
  Bug Fixes: 4540, 4610, 4612, 4582, 4573, 4563, 4634, 2318
Infrastructure: upgraded sever operating systems
Resolved issue where a few addresses could not be validated, returning "all inputs required", even when all field were entered.
Resolved issue where auditDate had been returned in format not w3c compliant.
  4585 Resolved issue where zip code 65203 was assigned to the wrong weather city.
  3037 Re-instated wall construction type "Wood Frame with OVE".
Resolved issue in which validation of window area did not account for stories above ground.
Removed EPS with OVE wall constructions from the Scoring Tool API.
2012/11/27 4556
Resolved issue in which the GUI was improperly rendered by the Chrome Browser v. 23 and up.
Resolved issue where missing inputs were validated incorrectly when windows not the same all sides.
Resolved issue where misspelled city names were accepted if the address line and zip code were valid.
Resolved issue that prevented the pro/con import of scoring tool sessions from working correctly.
Increased speed of the sandbox environment servers.
3037 Removed OVE wall construction types from the scoring tool GUI.
Now returns a better error if a user submits a non-existent session to the saveLabelSession() method.
Resolved issue in which apostrophes in the city name caused address validation problems.
Resolved issue in which validation of window inputs did not work correctly if windowTypesDifferBySide parameter was set to null or No.
newSessionFromAddress() parameter gui_session_id parameter can now be set to "api_session" which will allow GUI access to the session immediately, rather than locking
Removed methods not intended to be public from the WSDL.
Resolved issue in which an API sessions with a blank assessor number resulted in an unhandled error. 
Resolved issue in which some authorization for using the retrieve methods was set incorrectly.
Resolved issue in which status of archived sessions was not displayed correctly in dashboard.
Improved text of the error message associated with sessions with label previously generated being "read-only".
Removed the "top 20%" pointed from the Scoring Tool Labels.
Resolved issue in which heat pumps were omitted from upgrade recommendations.
Resolved issue where in some cases label generation was started but failed leading to the session being set to "read only", and preventing the user from correcting any of the session settings.
Fixed API monitoring problem.

3198  Added visual cue to GUI to distinguish sandbox from production environment.
Modified 3scale validation to to distinguish between environments.
2012/09/16  3186  Resolved issue in which if a user with 2 sessions deleted one, the dashboard displayed none.
2012/09/13 3095 Resolved issue that was causing emailed labels coming from stage to fail.

3135  Resolved issue in which the  "hot water From boiler" question was not validated correctly.
  3164  Added QA Database Open ID login to the Sandbox GUI.   
  3165  Added more secure label URLs
  3175  Resolved issue in which generating label failed with "no XML document" error 
  3179  Resolved issue of GUI validation causing intermittent energy calculation problems.
2012/09/03  3021  Added ability to over-ride 3scale authentication  
2012/08/30  3160  Updated link accompanying home page text to the "What is Home Energy Score" video. 
  3158  Added admin login to GUI 
  3142  Resolved issue in which Dashboard searches that returned a single record failed.
  3100  Added three new methods to API: retrieveLabelResults(), retrieveLabelInputs(), and retrieveLabelRecommendations()
  3099  Removed unused results methods from WSDL 
  3092  Updated measure costs to NREL Efficiency Measures Cost DB v. 2  
  3080 Revised GUI validation logic to handle float values for formInput Minimum and Maximum values.
3111 Resolved issue where long wait times between scoring tool pages were caused by calculation runs.
Revised email of label headers to avoid messages being marked as spam
Revised text for email of label
Resolved issue in which not all pages of sessions were displayed in the dashboard without doing a search.
2012/08/10  3051  Added the ability to import Scoring Tool session inputs into HES pro/con
3074 Resolved issue in which yearly summary of energy use did not always include fuel oil/lpg.
2012/07/30  3109  Resolved issue in which default RAC hours and days were not calculated correctly.
Changed primary contact in Scoring Tool website "contact us" form.
  3097  Added version to WSDL and a new method that returns that version information. 
2012/07/16 3107 Resolved issue in which if an api-created session was opened with the GUI an error resulted. 
  3070  Resolved issue of negative package savings when high efficiency base case equipment was present 
  3053 Resolved issue in which returning to archive after viewing and archived label incorrectly went to the dashboard. 
  3033 Resolved issue in which address input field was cleared if validation check failed. 
  3096 Resolved further related to address input field being cleared briefly during validation check.  
Updated WSDL to be compliant with WSI BP standards.
Resolved issue in which emailing the label didn't work when using the Firefox browser. 
Resolved issue in which API "silently" reduced window area if it was incorrectly set > 999; now error message is sent
Resolved issue in which undesired error message was displayed when login account had an empty session history. 
  3044  Updated State Energy Prices to latest EIA data. 
  3077  Resolved issue in which the value for window U-value was not checked at the lower bound. 
Updated Admin Tool to work with recent changes to WSDL. 
  3081  Added R-44 attic insulation as option in GUI tool. 
2012/06/15    National launch of the Home Energy Scoring Tool.