HEScore Release History 6-15-12

The following is the history of changes and updates during development of the Home Energy Scoring Tool between the BETA version released to a limited audience on 11/9/2010 for Pilot testing and feedback and subsequent release of the National Launch version on 6/15/2012.

Date Issue Description
2012/06/15 3069 Resolved issue where if the user incorrectly entered attic floor insulation for a home with cathedral ceiling, the attic floor insulation value was shown on asset summary page.  
 3072 Updated Scoring Tool interface to utilize new WS complaint WSDL. 
 2244 Added function so that after time out site returns to first input page for latest session rather than the "dashboard".
 3056 Modified Scoring Tool Admin Tool to provide "Start" and "End" dates for data extracts. 
 3052 Removed DB fields used in Pilot Test that are no longer needed in DB table label_result. 
 3066 Removed the "sample" watermark from production site label, also set "sandbox" environment to be the same as production; except that SB will continue to have watermarked labels, and not use the DOE logon process.  
 3048 Created a method to identify which client created sessions. 
Email of label now works with Firefox

3036 Added function to show logged in user's qa number at the top of all scoring tool pages. 
Revised allowed range of water heater energy factor to .45-1.0. 
Update weather station score lookup table with new data - label bins June 1 revision.
Modified the recommendations list such that no recommendations with <$20/yr energy cost savings are made.
Resolved issue in which interior floor-to-ceiling height drop down missing the "Select" item.
Updated Admin Tool data extraction to correspond to current release
Revised Admin Tool to match scoring tool specification for national launch.
Update weather station score lookup table with new data - label bins May 18 revision
Implemented DOE authentication process for the Scoring Tool Production website. 
Resolved issue in calculation of estimated carbon footprint reduction.
Resolved issue in which "top 20%" indicator on Score PDF was referring to wrong bin.
Updated 3Scale keys.
2012/04/263022Updated Scoring Tool 3Scale Authentication to v2.6
Updated scoring bin lookup to correct three weather station names.

Resolved issue in which "stale" url in wsdl caused long load times.

Updated API text on "about us" page.

Updated "API" links on GUI website to point to current 3scale enterprise site.
Fixed problem of weather stations DB entries for Tampa and Daytona Beach being missing.

Updated "About us" page to reflect changes in  URLs.

Resolved issue in which weather stations above arctic circle caused calculation errors.

Improved weather station assignments for locations in northern Virginia.

Implemented new Scoring lookup method.

2962 Resolved issues with formatting and alignment of text on label pdf.

Resolved issue in which 'contact us' email form did not confirm that the message was sent.

2995 Resolved issues with formatting and alignment of text on label pdf.

Resolved issue in which address was erased if user responded with 'no' to the validation question.

2688Resolved issue in which trailing spaces were saved as part of ca name, caused some sessions to be un-viewable.
Removed HES pro/con specific methods from the Scoring Tool WSDL
Removed no longer used methods from the Scoring Tool WSDL
Resolved issue in which "plus addressed" emails from "Contract Us" pages were not received.
2012/03/05 2933 Added new functions to Scoring Tool Administration Tool.
2012/03/02 2786 Updated help text in "tool tips".

2845 Updated the home page label example with new label design.

2981 Improved the modeling of major appliance internal gains.

2983 Improved the modeling of HVAC supply fan energy use.

2943 Resolved issue in which water heating upgrades were not included in the upgrades package.

2946 Resolved issue in which the appliance hot water energy use was not included in totals when the water heating fuel was either fuel oil or LPG.
2012/02/29 2984 Revised the Climate_Zone_Default database table, setting the values to adult at home, plus dryer, stove and oven fuels to national rather than regional averages.
2012/02/24 2937 Added text to "About this Home" page clarifying that appropriate use of the Tool is to model single family and townhomes, not mobile- or multi-family homes.

2958 Resolved issue where sessions in International Fall, Mn would fail, due to use of abbreviated form "Int'nl Falls".
2012/02/22 2963 Resolved issue where some heating equipment types were incorrectly modeled as having a standing pilot light.
2012/02/17 2942 Updated address validation sequence.

2944 Updated the links on Label page to reflect the structure of the updated Label PDF.

2956 Ceiling fan, and associated energy use removed from standardized home description.
2012/02/03 2392 Resolved inconsistencies in the spelling of "ZIP code" in the GUI.

Revised print flow for label, removed print and save submit buttons, replaced with "Open PDF" button.

Revised print flow for label, removed print and save submit buttons, replaced with "Open PDF" button.

Resolved issues in removing and entered values for skylights either did not remove them or caused site errors.

Updated Score Label PDF to National Launch version.

Resolved issue in which the animated gif progress icon did not display as expected.

Fixed layout problems on the "general" page.

Added watermark to PDF label to distinguish official and "sample" Labels.

Interoperability with Qualified Assessor database established.
2011/12/23 2434 Resolved issue in which code was briefly visible when closing some pop up windows.

2843 Modified the presentation of air tightness questions and input process.

2902 Added missing weather files to the infiltration lookup table.

2908 Updated the default values for the height of neighboring homes.

2909 Updated the default for number of clothes washer Loads per week and Energy use.

2910 Fixed issue in which the Address field did not accept some characters allowed in USPS standard.
2011/12/21 2903 Changed recommendations for type 2 measures in that all applicable measures are displayed and are no longer limited to those with less than 10 year payback.

2854 Fixed issue where the check mark did not always work correctly on the Roof, Attic & Foundation input page.

2897 Fixed issue where duplicate rows for wall construction were displayed on the Asset Summary page.
2011/12/15 2369 Added "Close Window" links to help popups.

2390 Fixed issue where Air leakage was displayed in decimal rather than a whole number.

2440 Revised input validation allowing multiple date formats to be input for Date of Assessment.

2460 Implemented metal exterior finish for roof construction.

2797 Fixed issue such that Wall11EPS measure only applies to walls with Wood, Vinyl and Aluminum siding.

2833 Removed the wall construction types that cannot be readily determined on through walk-thru observations: Wood frame with insulated headers, with insulated headers and EPS, with OVE.

2852 Improved address-validation process.

2887 Fixed issue where GUI allowed progress to Asset Summary page even if system efficiency values were out of range.

2884 Fixed issue where roof values were not displayed on Asset Summary page.

2886 Fixed problem on Asset Summary page in which duplicate rows for windows were displayed.

2876 Created popup for error message when the DOE2 calculation fails.

2890 Updated text in help popups to removed thickness equivalencies, insulation is described by R-value only.

2892 Updated default temperatures for programmable thermostats.

2902 Added missing weather file names to the infiltration lookup table.
2011/11/28 2389 Fixed issue where several radio buttons were misaligned in safari.

2411 Fixed problem where help text on Roof,attic and foundation page exceeded the help box height.

2791 Improved the logic by which air sealing upgrade measures are recommended.

2810 Added a comment column to the "About this Home" page.

2835 Fixed issue that caused session numbers to incorrectly increment.

2844 Modified the upgrade text for R-19 basement walls.

2867 Resolved issue in which leaving the comments field blank caused an error.

2870 Resolved issue where the value for Air Tightness was not displayed on asset summary page.

2871 Corrected zip_climate_default table, where Alaska was assigned to climate zone 20; removed entries for US Territories.

2874 Resolved issue in which the inputs for custom windows did not validate correctly when there were different types on different sides.

2875 Added animated progress indicator when "Show Summary" is selected.

2879 Resolved issue where DOE-2 was run on changing input pages not just when show summary selected.
2011/11/18 2789 Modified recommendations for measures "recommended now", so that the highest performance level that meets the 10-year cost-effectiveness horizon is selected.

2832 Modified occupancy so that it is no longer static, but reflects the number of bedrooms in home.

2860 Updated the text related to electric heat pumps in the tool tips.

2861 Modified calculation of lighting energy use to be be based on floor area.

2862 Modified calculation of appliance energy use to be be based on floor area and number of bedrooms.
2011/11/11 2792 Increased size limit for windows from 300 to 999 square feet per wall.

2857 Changed input validation to constrain the range of air conditioner efficiencies to exclude extreme values.

2868 Added input validation to roof absorptance field to exclude extreme values.
2011/10/24 2799 Changed input screens so that session number and address are displayed.

2800 Fixed validation such that assessment date field only allows current or past dates; future dates no longer accepted.

2803 Added links to the Known Issues, Release History, and Workarounds pages.

2808 Changed email address for Scoring Tool support.

2812 Updated weather data with new Avg Temperature and Inlet Water temperature values.

2813 Updated default Water Heater temperature set points.

2814 Updated default energy factors for water heaters.

2815 Updated climate zone default values for foundation type, stories above ground, window type, and dryer, stove and oven fuels.

2816 Updated default dishwasher energy/load and loads/week.

2817 Updated default clothes dryer energy/load and loads/week.

2821 Updated default refrigerator age and size assumptions.

2822 Updated default number of ceiling fans to "none".

2707 Input form re-worded, changed "Floor insulation" to "Floor insulation above basement or crawl space".
2011/07/25 2708 Input form re-worded so that it is specified that "foundation insulation" refers to the insulation level of the foundation walls.

2710 Added Print Date to page 1 of the label output.
2011/07/20 2687 Increased DOE2 weather shielding class which will reduce local wind speeds.

2689 Conditioned basements now have thermostat setting 5 degrees lower than main living area for heating and 5 degrees higher for cooling.

2689 Operable window shading now applied only during summer.
  • End of Pilot Project.

2672 All Certified Assessor passwords changed.

2673 "Not Official" watermark added to label.
2011/05/19 2613 Fixed error if the duct location was set to conditioned space and the foundation type was set to unvented crawl space.
2011/05/13 2609 Water heating now calculated correctly in total package savings.
2011/05/06 2602 User input water heater energy factor now used correctly.
2011/03/22 2478 Fixed error related to Room AC.

2517 Columbia SC zip codes now work.
Corrected Latitude data for weather cities
2011/03/09 2491 Updated scoring bins.

2170 Fixed skylight and roof sheathing upgrade costs

2473 Properly accounting for basement floor area.
2011/02/09 2237 Contact and Label email no longer bounces.

2377 Summary validation errors now displayed correctly.

2442 Time outs are now a consistent hour for each session.

2476 Validation now allowed for addresses that do not receive USPS mail.
2010/11/09 Initial launch of the Home Energy Scoring Tool - http://homeenergyscore.lbl.gov
  • Asset-based rating methodology
  • New user interface
  • Produces label