Known Issues Scoring Tool - V2014 Beta

The following are known issues/bugs for the upcoming new version of the Home Energy Scoring Tool. Known issues for Home Energy Saver and Home Energy Saver Pro are on the HES Known Issues page. Known issues for the legacy Scoring Tool are documented here.

Remedies for all are being pursued. If you find an error that is not listed please report it using the contact us link on the Latest fixes are documented on the Release History page. 

Like the Legacy Scoring Tool page this documents issues with the Scoring Tool website, issues specific the the Scoring Tool API are docuemented at our 3scale site.

Date ID Status Description Solution, work around, or date of resolution
 10/28/2013 Advice
Open Because the Energy Star specification for residential water heaters does not cover oil-fired storage water heaters the Scoring Tool does not present upgrade recommendations for them.
2013/11/13 5063 Resolved The initial load of an existing session is sometimes missing the navigation links in the sidebar 2013/11/18
2013/11/13 5062 Resolved Clicking on label after first logon does not load the image of the pdf 2013/11/18
2013/11/13 5061 Resolved Selecting the check box for "archive" and clicking the archive button gets no response. 2013/11/18
2013/11/13 5057 Resolved Fixed issues in which the mail button on label page did not function 2013/11/18
2013/11/07 5043 Resolved Fixed issue where the label icon was not always displayed in Dashboard page 2013/11/18
2013/11/07 5042 Resolved Revised and simplified display of ducts inputs 2013/11/18
2013/11/05 5033 Resolved fixed issue in which minor errors in address were corrected silently, but input rather than corrected address was saved 2013/11/18
2013/11/05 5029 Resolved Fixed issue in which Scoring Tool WTGUI input page sidebar did not display all desired elements 2013/11/18
2013/11/01 5026 Resolved Resolved issue in which page validation of walls was incorrect if all walls were the same 2013/11/18
4935 Resolved
If a house orientation other than the four cardinal direction is selected in GUI there is an API error.
 10/8/2013  4873  Open  Home page link to the LBL privacy policy opens new window with a page not found message.
 10/8/2013  4930  Open Some Home page links point get "page not found" errors. Affected links are those that should point to hes-documentation (this wiki)
1. "here"
2. "Known Issues".
3. "Release History".
4. "Workarounds".
 10/8/2013  4931 Open
 On the "contact us" popup page the submit button image is missing.
 This is aesthetic only, the link functions.
 10/8/2013  4914 Open The save and exit link should return to the dashboard, but on pages other than "About" it does not; returns to "About". Session does appear to be saved.

 10/8/2013  4934 Open
On the dashboard, if an assessment type is not selected that should be caught by the page validation when address is submitted, but is not. The result is a page error and it will be difficult to return to the dashboard.
Be extra careful not to omit this element
 08/22/2013 4963
Open Page validation for roof absortance for "cool color" roofs is not working. If an out of range value is entered will cause an error on page change
Be extra careful to only enter within range values: 0.1 - 1