Thermostat Schedules Scoring Tool

Applies to
HES consumer
 Hes pro
 Home Energy Scoring Tool
Multifamily v1

The Home Energy Scoring Tool uses a set thermostat schedule which differs from the defaults available in Home Energy Saver. The default thermostat assigned to a new session with the default schedule and temperature settings outlined in the following table.

Default Thermostat Schedule for Thermostats HEScore


hours heating cooling heating cooling
Day 6:00 AM 65 74 65 74

6:00 PM 67 77 68 77
Night 10:00 PM 68 76 68 77

12:00 AM 65 74 65 74
Note: Basements setup +5° heating, and setback -5° cooling

The thermostat schedule is sent as an input to the DOE-2 calculation engine where it is used in calculating energy consumption by the heating and cooling equipment.