HES Release History Old

The following is the history of changes and updates to the Home Energy Saver and Home Energy Saver Pro From before April 2013. Current release history is here.

Date Issue Description
  Bug fixes: 4594, 4645, 2046
4705 New feature: changed hespro "Learn" tab to "Community"
2013/04/25 4706 Updated auto-scaling function to use new AWS api.
2515 New feature (2515): added redirects for www.homeenergypros.lbl.gov (redirect to homeenergypros.lbl.gov) and www.homeenergyscore.lbl.gov (redirect to homeenergyscore.lbl.gov)
2013/03/18    New feature: (4691) new content for the "learn" page, using new Ning network, changed the tab name to "community"  also (4701), changed url to remove "consumer" sub-domain thus: hes.lbl.gov/community.
Bug fixes: 4592, Resolved multiple issues with "Existing House Configuration" table.
  3049 Resolved issue in which the carbon map functions were accessible by non-lbl users.
Infrastructure: upgraded sever operating systems 

Bug fix: 4609
2013/01/15  1356  Resolved issue in which the carbon map showed an implausible number of very high emitting homes in the 200xx zip codes.
Resolved issue in which zip code 65203 was assigned to the wrong weather city.
4544 Resolved issue in which the variable corresponding to "is an adult at home on weekdays" was not set correctly, but remained at the default value.
Scoring tool import function now allows alphanumeric qualified assessor ids.
Resolved issue in which the GUI was improperly rendered by the Chrome Browser v. 23 and up.
Resolved issue the prevented the pro/con import of scoring tool sessions from working correctly. 
Moved consumer production GUI to new API key
2012/09/16  3162 Updated a broken link to EPA's IAQ guide website on the HES Learn/Readings page.
  3166  HESpro Learn tab changed to Community, and now links to the Home Energy Pros social network
  3124  Efficiency inputs for heating, cooling and water heating no longer displayed when year of purchase is entered.
  3183  Both radio buttons for bottled water and instant hot water now displayed.
2012/09/03  3125 Resolved issue in which setting heating efficiency to zero caused validation error. 
Revised the API usage monitoring by removing the methods from 3scale application plans
  3091  Updated upgrades data to NREL's Efficiency Measures Cost DB v. 2 
  3021  Added feature; ability to over-ride 3scale authentication.
2012/08/10  3113  Added ability to import Home Energy Scoring tool sessions
  3149  Resolved issues where the Scoring Tool import link on HES pro was malformed 
Resolved issue in which the "additional cost" estimates were different on upgrade summary vs. detailed.
  3126 Resolved issue in which error messages were displayed in all capitals.
  3137 Resolved issue in which the position of townhouse shaped homes was assigned incorrectly
2012/07/31  2453  Resolved issues with incorrect inputs for house shape 
  3043  Updated state energy price data. 
  3059  Updated the value of default freezer year to reflect 1/2 the average unit lifetime. 
  2932  Improved error reporting to reduce the frequency of "general" errors. 
  2836  Resolved issue where wrong font was displayed on the Carbon Map page 
  2065 Resolved issue in which back_s shaped house caused errors.  
  2338  Resolved issue in which forward_s shaped house caused errors. 
2012/07/30  2182  Improved interface so that when the purchase year is entered for equipment the efficiency input is not  displayed.
  3116  Resolved  errors in help popups
  3024  Fixed Sump pump calculations
  3025 Fixed Well pump calculations 
  3127  Resolved issue where door U-factor of zero caused errors
Resolved issue where skylight U-factor of zero caused errors
Purged ~1M phantom sessions from database.
Resolved issue where default value was retained when zero was entered for some clothes washer load types.
Resolved issue in which a few zip codes in Northern Va. were assigned incorrect weather cities.
Resolved issues in the calculations of energy and water use for clothes washers.
Resolved issue in which a "time out" popup was displayed even for other errors.
  3017 Fixed broken link related to Energy Star roofs on upgrades details page
Resolved issue in which estimate of emissions improvement was inconsistent with energy savings.
Resolved issue in which validation allowed both a Zip Code and session ID to be submitted at start page.
Updated range of efficiency levels for cooling, and fixed inconsistency between help text and validation.
Updated Scoring Tool DB weather_station_score_lu with Final National Launch Bin Sets
Resolved issue in which sessions in a few Zip codes in Alaska resulted in calculation errors.
Resolved issue where heating efficiency was not set correctly when system type changed in quick inputs.
2989 Resolved issue in which lamp types were not returned by API or displayed on lighting detail page.
  2978 Fixed spelling error where existing home was indicated as "exiting" in API return
Updated DOE2 heating and cooling efficiency calculations.
Updated 3Scale keys.
Updated "systems efficiency value" tool tips for ground coupled heat pumps.
2012/04/04 3006 Resolved issue in which a "stale" url in the wsdl was causing long load times.
2967 Resolved issue in which U & SHGC incorrect when custom windows and "all sides the same" selected.
2012/04/02 2954 Resolved issue in which presence of dishwasher was set the same as clotheswasher.

2977 Resolved issue in which compare page formatting was incorrect when heating or cooling energy became zero.
2012/03/07 2947 Resolved issue in which the appliance hot water energy use was not included in totals when the water heating fuel was either fuel oil or LPG.

2982 Improved the modeling of major appliance internal gains.
2012/03/02 2983 Improved the modeling of HVAC supply fan energy use.
2012/02/22 2859 Resolved issue where custom windows got default values of zero for U and SHGC, which would cause a calculation error.

2963 Resolved issue where some heating equipment types were incorrectly modeled as having a standing pilot light.
2012/02/01 2784 Improved the performance of the Report Center and prevent error/time out messages included in saved PDF.
2012/01/16 2915 Resolved issue in which efficiency for heating equipment was not set correctly from purchase year when using Quick Inputs.
2011/12/23 1935 Fixed issue in which some Baltimore zip codes were getting the wrong weather assignment.

2080 Fixed issue in which some valid zip codes were generating errors, due to ambiguity in weather city name.

2194 Fixed issue in which some valid zip codes were generating errors, due to ambiguity in weather city name.

2325 Fixed issue in which Alaska Zip codes were included in the Pacific region when assigning to climate zone.

2472 Fixed issue in which the default weather assigned for some Denver zip codes was Cheyenne, WY.

2484 Corrected weather assignments for several locations.
2011/12/15 2543 Added missing weather files to the infiltration lookup table.
Fixed issue where specifications for custom windows were not set correctly when all sides were the same.

2855 Fixed issue in how pool pump energy was sub-totaled, which had caused DOE2 failures.

2877 Fixed display of help popups to eliminate horizontal scrolling.

2898 Fixed issue in the validation of the wall area on the detailed_doors-windows page.
2011/11/18 2760 Fixed text and layout problems on the "learn" pages pro and consumer.

2665 Fixed alignment issue in display of Poll tool.
2011/11/02 2829 Resolved issue in assignment of different-side windows to DOE-2.
2011/09/28 2545 Made several improvements to presentation of user polls.

1308* Added total count of homes mapped to carbon map.
2011/09/20 2745 Added function so that if a session times out the user is notified of the session ID number.
2011/09/16 2657 Pool pump energy moved to Large Appliances.

2667 Added links to new feedback survey pages in Pro and Consumer.

2741 Fixed database so that extra empty sessions are no longer created.
2011/08/04 2470 Updated libraries and sample code for API's, new URL for accessing the sandbox environment.

2471 Updated libraries and sample code for API's, new URL for accessing the sandbox environment.
2011/07/20 2674 Default wall now R-3

2682 Neighboring house on left and right assumed for shading calculations

2683 Default thermostat now 78/84 cooling, 68/60 heating

2684 Default clothes washer loads now 1 warm/warm, 2 warm/cold, and 3 cold/cold per week

2687 Increased DOE2 weather shielding class which will reduce local wind speeds

2689 Conditioned basements now have thermostat setting 5 degrees lower than main living area for heating and 5 degrees higher for cooling

2689 Operable window shading now applied only during summer

2692 Updated climate zone dependent defaults (such as glazing, foundation, and fuels) based on the 2009 Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS)

2693 Ceiling fans default to no

2694 Default refrigerator now a 10-year-old large, top freezer auto-defrost

2695 Reduced default clothes dryer energy use, and number of loads to 5 per week

2696 Reduced default dishwasher water use to 8.2 gallons/cycle and number of loads to 3 per week

2699 Default water heater energy factors now 0.59 for gas and 0.9 for electric

2700 Lowered default water heater set point to 120 F

2706 Increased inlet water temperatures by approximately 8 degrees

2638 Added heavier lines to compare details page

2678 Removed tool tip from "Providing more details will make your results more accurate"

2686 Updated tankless water heater workaround text

2716 Corrected GUI so that the fuel appropriate default water heater energy factor is loaded when the water heating fuels are changed.
2011/06/02 2545 Display polls on home page again

2551 Fixed data for DLP Rear Projection TV

2583 Fixed error in duct efficiency calculation when duct location set to conditioned space and foundation type is unvented crawl space.

2592 Removed extra page breaks in report center PDFs

2605 Less than 0.5 foot overhangs now allowed

2637 Fixed error when recalculating window upgrades

2647 Fixed error when uploading images to the report center
2011/05/24 2148 Fixed error when generating a report from an expired session

2177 Added LPG and fuel oil savings to side bar

2260 Corrected R-value help text

2549 Fixed logo upload problem in Report Center

2586 Fixed units issue on HES Pro Large Appliance/Hot Water detail report

2593 Added navigation buttons to top of all describe pages

2617 Fixed error in default HVAC system efficiencies.
2011/05/19 2485 Number of occupants no longer resets to defaults

2494 Fixed problem when Raleigh NC selected as the Weather City

2516 Fixed error that caused some lighting inputs to be set to zero or blank

2574 Fixed error in floor insulation costs

2628 Fixed descriptive text errors

2631 Fixed descriptive text errors
Fixed miscellaneous menu and help issues

1993 R-27 Roof no longer causes a general error

2624 Disabled tariff selection until remaining errors are resolved

2626 Fixed tariff look-up that caused general error for some zip codes

2633 Re-indexed database tables to improve calculation times
Fixed numerous broken links and typos

2099 Small appliance totals now correct when using detailed inputs

2351 Small appliances now calculated correctly for more than one unit
2011/04/29   491 Added upgrade results to monthly bills report

2535 Fixed PDF creation time-out error in Report Center

2538 Utility now initially selected when utility tariff check box first checked

2552 Selecting Detailed Inputs and immediately calculating no longer causes an error.

2557 Changes to Upgrade Choice & Description are now retained

2621 Water heater energy factor no longer overrides user input value
DOE-2 input file templates published
2011/04/02 2468 Floor insulation level now works in Detailed Inputs 
2011/03/22   839 Corrected Auto Block Heater months of operation

1498 Swimming pools feature reactivated

1866 Corrected Latitude data for weather cities
2489 Zip code 10001 now picks correct weather tape

2517 Columbia SC zip codes now work

2524 Fixed Report Center PDF generation error
2011/03/14 2469 Fixed skylight and roof sheathing upgrade costs
2011/03/09 2483 Infiltration upgrade now works when air leakage entered
Extensive expansion of on-line engineering documentation

1548 Fixed some water heating calculation errors that reported incorrect water use and incorrect Energy Star energy use

2046 Report Center email now works

2161 Now catches error due to thermostat times set to same hour

2184 HES Pro Quick efficiency inputs now work correctly

2175 Fixed error in halogen torchiere upgrade calculations

2379 Electric baseboard and electric furnace now works in Southern California and Hawaii zip codes

2383 Fixed lookup of 2011 equipment efficiencies
Added extensive documentation of the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
Migrated all legacy sessions to the new HES system; Old sessions can now be retrieved and run in HES.
2010/12/02 2142 Fixed U-shaped house dimension check

2161 Now check for thermostat periods with start times set to the same hour

2171 Attic insulation now only upgraded for unconditioned attic

2326 Selecting a local utility tariff no longer causes a general error

2343 Fixed foundation & floor error check
2010/10/16 2185 Default duct location now a function of foundation type

2179 Removed duplicate floor input that was viewable in IE browser
2010/10/02 2173 Can now select custom skylight U-value and SHGC

2165 Default room air-conditioner operating hours now set correctly

2125 Removed split-level house option due to multiple issues

2120, 419 Now possible to change to alternate weather cities from set assigned to a given zip code

2075 All HES data is now kept on Amazon RDS instances

1822 Default equipment efficiencies now set using average age of equipment in Consumer Quick

2172 Default equipment efficiencies now set using average age of equipment in Consumer Quick

1556 resolved issue affecting savings estimate for infiltration upgrades

1949 resolved issue affecting savings estimate for infiltration upgrades

2163 Savings for infiltration upgrades now correct

2055 Resolved issue causing Heat pump HSPF values based on year installed to be set incorrectly

2157 Heat pump HSPF values based on year installed now set correctly

2038 Compare, Describe, and Upgrade tabs no longer active on carbon map page with no session

438 Water heater energy factor now works in Detailed Inputs
2010/09/27 2140
  • Full API release v 1.0
2010/09/19 2156 Floor area input removed from Detailed forms to avoid over-specification

2154 Enhancements to user interface

2145 Enhancements to user interface

2133 Enhancements to user interface

2110 Enhancements to user interface

2095 Enhancements to user interface

2031 Enhancements to user interface

2151 Updated conversion factor for "cars-off-the-road" calculation

2122 Floor-area in Quick Inputs now used correctly

2111 All values in reports now comma-delimited

2075 Speed improvements (full runs now 10-12 seconds)

2039 Units help added to results pages
2010/09/05 2149 Enhancement to user interface

2147 Enhancements to user interface

2146 Enhancements to user interface

2134 Enhancements to user interface

2129 Enhancements to user interface

2100 Enhancements to user interface

2039 Help "tool tips" added to Recommendations tab

2018 Structural Brick, Concrete Block, and Straw Bale wall constructions no longer throw errors

1661 User-defined window properties now active as an alternative to picking predefined window systems

1309 Added zip-code lookup utility to the Carbon Map histogram view
2010/08/23 2128 Enhancement to user interface

2126 Enhancement to user interface

2109 Enhancement to user interface

2105 Enhancement to user interface

2104 Enhancement to user interface

2103 Enhancement to user interface

2101 Enhancement to user interface

2097 Enhancement to user interface

2124 Second and third refrigerators (if applicable) now properly ranked in the Upgrade Recommendations

2121 Instances of city with most similar weather name incorrectly matched with weather tape have been fixed

2120 Weather city entry (City with most similar climate) now works correctly

2090 Corrected errors associated with washer, fridge, furnace, and water heater upgrades

2043 Errors with Facebook login utility fixed

1843 Case studies now properly saved; allowed length expanded to 10,000 characters
2010/08/08 2087 Updated state utility prices and carbon emission factors

2085 Numerous new and orphaned zip codes now working

2054 Improved defaults when selecting room air conditioner

2044 Cleaned up and improved formatting of "Home Configuration" report

2030 Corrected issues with retention of changes in measure costs in Upgrades tab and user-defined inclusion/exclusions in the upgrade package

1965 Furnace replacement costs for furnaces with specified capacity now calculated correctly

1360 Corrected arithmetic and units errors on Upgrades report
  • Initial launch of API – BETA; All calculation functionality seen at http://hes.lbl.gov is supported